Giving Through Your Estate

SCI Bequest Language

If you wish to name the Seamen’s Church Institute in your Will or estate plan, name us as:

The Seamen’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey, a nonprofit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the state of New York, with principal business address of 50 Broadway, Floor 26, New York, NY 10004.

Our tax identification number is: 13-5562356

Incorporation Date: April 1844 (Founded 1834)

The Seamen’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Seamen’s Church Institute uses all unrestricted charitable gifts to support top priorities. If you have a more specific purpose in mind, please contact us to ensure we can meet your wishes. Your support helps future generations of those working on the water.

If you have included the Seamen’s Church Institute in your estate plans, let us know. We would like to thank you for your generous commitment to the future and welcome you to SCI’s Roper Legacy Society.

Bequest & Wills/Trusts

The simplest way to make a planned gift is by naming SCI in your Will or Trust document. A bequest becomes a meaningful way to support our work without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime. Your attorney can include it when you prepare or revise your Will or Trust, or you can add a codicil at any time. You may make a general bequest (specific dollar amount, percentage or fractional interest of your estate), a residual bequest (assets remaining after all other specific bequests have been satisfied) or a contingent bequest (to take effect only if those named as primary beneficiaries predecease you).

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a way to make a sizeable gift to SCI.

You can purchase a new policy and make SCI the owner and beneficiary of the policy. This enables you to “leverage” your gift, ultimately making a much larger gift than otherwise possible. Contributions to SCI to pay the ongoing premiums become tax deductible.

You can make SCI the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy. The current value of the policy is tax deductible, as are future premium payments. You can make SCI a primary beneficiary of an existing policy, or you can name SCI to receive the proceeds of the policy on a contingent basis if the designated beneficiaries predecease the insured.

Remember that after death, life insurance and retirement fund beneficiary designation forms bypass probate and supersede any provision for these accounts that you made in your Will.

Bank Account Payment on Death

“Payment on Death” or POD accounts are created by completing proper forms at your bank or credit union. This no-cost service allows for the transfer of checking, savings accounts, security deposits, savings bonds and other deposit certificates to SCI. POD accounts offer quick means to transfer your gift at death, avoiding the time and expense of probate.