Gifts to SCI’s Long-Term Investment Fund

SCI Investment Performance & Stewardship

SCI appreciates your generosity and confidence in our mission by considering a legacy gift during your life or deferred gift from your estate. For generations, SCI trustees have provided prudent stewardship of similar gifts, and we promise to do the same for generations to come.

SCI’s investment total portfolio has earned a 10-year average of 6%. These returns enable SCI to draw down for current mission while maintaining the inflation-adjusted value of our endowment. Depending on market conditions, our long-term investments average $25 million. SCI and its Board of Trustees are committed to increasing our long-term investments to $30—$35 million to ensure a stronger, healthier fiscal environment.

SCI’s Finance & Investment Committee of its Board of Trustees oversees our portfolio with the goal of achieving superior long-term returns against appropriate benchmarks while limiting downside exposure. SCI’s Board outsources the chief investment function to one or more large institutions with established credibility to advise on asset classes and appropriate diversification. SCI’s Finance & Investment Committee reviews investment managers, asset classes and diversification goals, with ongoing presentation to our full Board of Trustees.

SCI developed its long-term investment policy in accord with the New York Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (NYPMIFA). SCI’s Board of Trustees, its Finance & Investment Committee, investment custodians, and audit firm Eisner Amper work to oversee its investment policy and document financial results in a disciplined and timely manner. SCI adheres to Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) accounting practice and New York state law on restricted and unrestricted investment management. You may obtain a copy of SCI’s audited financial statements by emailing or telephoning SCI’s Development Office at +1 212-349-9090. 

SCI’s Long-Term Investment Gift Option

SCI seeks to strengthen its long-term investments to balance current-year giving and sustain its work in perpetuity. Your gift is pooled with other major outright and estate gifts—some dating back to the 19th century—for investment in the marketplace to balance growth and prudent drawdown of earnings to underwrite SCI’s mission.

In all gifts, SCI adheres to donor intent regarding the gift vehicle and its use for operating, capital or long-term investment goals. If not otherwise specified, SCI trustees will place these current or estate gifts into its Long-Term Investment Fund. This applies to estate gifts that come to SCI without prior notification or without restriction.

SCI receives with equal gratitude gifts made during your lifetime, via estate distribution, or a combination of both. For major, multi-year life pledges, SCI appreciates provision made in your Will to carry out your commitment in the event of untimely death.

SCI development officers stand ready to meet with donors making estate plans—including, if desired, a joint meeting with heirs or legal/financial advisors—but also recognizes that some donors desire to accomplish this goal anonymously. SCI invites you to complete the Future Gift Notification Form to make your intention known so that we can thank you for your trust in our mission and include you in SCI’s Roper Legacy Society.