SCI’s Most Clicked

Jan 28, 2013

by Susannah Skiver Barton, Foundations & Social Media Manager

As an organization focused on keeping mariners visible to the land-based world, the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) regularly publishes articles on the different aspects of its ministry. In 2012, these articles covered a wide variety of topics—from maritime education to special events to historical tidbits—sparking interest among a diverse readership. A quick look at the most-read articles reveals how the varied aspects of SCI’s ministry—and the passions of its supporters—intertwine as a strong, vibrant mission.

Likely, mariners generated some of the most traffic to SCI’s news feed. Articles about the Institute’s photo contest for mariners took top billing for “most clicked” on SCI’s site. Similarly, a casting call for real mariners to audition for a film about the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama also garnered many looks.

Strong maritime leadership comprises a core aspect of the Institute’s appreciation of mariners’ contributions. Accordingly, articles about past Silver Bell Awards honorees received plenty of attention on the Web, and SCI’s leadership in a new e-learning initiative found popularity among those interested in this expanding subject.

Readers also gravitated towards articles about major changes at SCI—the relocation of its New York headquarters and the launch of its new five-year Strategic Plan—demonstrating supporters’ interest in the Institute’s governance and vision. An article about recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy also received much attention.

Rounding out the top ten, popular “Archivist’s Desk” features on SCI’s early 20th-century headquarters at 25 South Street reveal the enduring value of the Institute’s legacy in maritime ministry. In fact, archives-focused articles received much attention throughout the year, covering topics like the Titanic, Janet Lord (Mother) Roper, President FDR and the popular Christmas at Sea program.

Other popular articles included the release of “Seafarer Voices,” SCI’s video series featuring seafarers held hostage by pirates; a celebration of the 15-year anniversary of the Paducah Center for Maritime Education; and “A Mutual Walk of Discovery,” written by a Vancouver, Canada chaplain visiting SCI’s Port Newark center to experience, train and ask questions.

Most Viewed Articles on SCI’s Website – 2012

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  5. Casting Call for Piracy Feature Film
  6. SCI Relocates NY Headquarters
  7. Archivist’s Desk: “25 South Street: More than Beds
  8. Board Publishes Strategic Plan
  9. Archivist’s Desk “Merchant Marine Mural at 25 South Street
  10. Recovering in the Port