Online Auction Aids SCI

Nov 30, 2012

Because Hurricane Sandy’s destructive forces dealt a hard blow to the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) and many of its supporters, the organizing committee for the Christmas at Sea Gala & Auction canceled the “Gala” aspect of this year’s fundraiser scheduled for Thursday, November 29, 2012. In spite of this, the “Auction” portion of the event continues, giving SCI supporters opportunity to view and bid on popular items online.

Whereas previously, one needed to be present at the live auction in midtown Manhattan on the eve of the event, now anyone with an Internet connection can participate in the bidding with the auction hosted online. Interested parties can preview items beginning Sunday, December 2 through December 3. Actual bidding opens December 4 and closes at 9:00 pm EST on December 5.

Proceeds from the auction benefit mariners served by SCI, including those served by its volunteer knitting program for mariners, Christmas at Sea. The scheduled event constitutes an important, depended upon part of SCI’s year-end fundraising, needed especially now in the wake of damages from Hurricane Sandy to SCI’s International Seafarers’ Center in Port Newark.

To view the auction, click here or type into a web browser. (Remember: you cannot access the site until Sunday, December 2.)