A New Place on the Web

Jul 23, 2012

Connecting with mariners across thousands of miles of water and with the folks who support mariners spread equally as far, the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) launches its own online news source at seamenschurch.org this month. With the help of Ocean-7 Development, a reshaped responsive website provides the latest information about SCI’s work laid out in a dashboard of articles, photos, videos and archives.

“In the Know”

Do you know about SCI? Recently, representatives of the organization asked attendees at a large convention that question. SCI has designed its new site to welcome both the newcomer (those who know little or nothing about the work of the Institute) as well as those familiar with the 178-year-old Institute. Visitors to SCI’s new site can hide the informational banner visible on a first-time visit to seamenschurch.org. Simply click the “X” next to the words “I’m in the know,” and the banner disappears.

Additionally, SCI has made it easier to find the links most frequently used by mariners and supporters. The “Quicklinks” on the site’s front page allow users to navigate directly to popular information.

Multiple Layers of Content

Keeping up with the stirring and ever-changing nature of maritime commerce, SCI maintains a sustained presence in the ports and on the waters. The Institute receives reports on the numerous projects with which its staff engages every day in various climes and conditions.

SCI’s new website shows inquiring people an insider’s view into the operation of the Institute and the maritime workplace, and it provides supporters with a view into how their dollars support mariners. New articles, photos and videos appear on a console of the site’s front page on a regular basis.

Keep Clicking

SCI’s new website organizes an extensive amount of information using taxonomy. Each article, video and photo set receives a tag, linking to other content on the site. Those curious to read or learn more on a particular subject can click to see a listing of other items on the same topic.

Additionally, the site intelligently suggests noteworthy items. Each web item links to one of the main branches of SCI’s mission to mariners (e.g., Law & Advocacy, Maritime Education, etc.), and related items appear alongside the main content presented on the page. All of this contributes to a site intertwined with useful information about the Institute’s service to mariners.


Whether users view the new seamenschurch.org full screen or in a small window, the site’s layout adjusts according to the size of the browser. SCI designed the interface using Responsive Web Design technology, meaning surfers can access the site’s content on a phone, tablet computer or desktop—all with equal ease of use and navigability.

Online Community

Need to change your address, view your giving history or update your details for monthly contributions? SCI’s new “Online Community” gives donors control of their financial record in the Institute’s database. Using the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, individuals and companies can register for events, make contributions and sign up for newsletters.


SCI hopes its bolstered web presence provides the news and communications its constituency needs. Online visitors can provide feedback about the new design using the Contact Us form here.