2019: The Year of the Mariner

Oct 20, 2019

SCI has declared 2019 the Year of the Mariner. Three inland captains were asked to speak at our Maritime Training Benefit Luncheon held in Houston this spring. The print collateral and signage at our 42nd Annual Silver Bell Awards Dinner featured individual mariners and seafarers.

This celebration culminates at SCI's 20th Annual River Bell Awards Luncheon held December 5th in Paducah! One inland mariner, nominated by their company and chosen by SCI's committee, will accept the Distinguished Service Award on behalf of all mariners. The purpose of the award is to honor our industry's mariners, and demonstrate our gratitude, particularly during this challenging year. We recognize the significant contributions mariners make to our lives, and acknowledge the real challenges of this unique work force.

Leadership at major companies in the river industry have been invited to nominate a mariner representative to accept the award. We are searching for a well-spoken, charismatic active mariner who can represent all mariners with integrity, and authenticity. Candidates must be comfortable speaking to a crowd of 500 at a formal event. We plan to share video clips of candidates submitted by their companies on our Facebook page leading up to the event!

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.